Luke Brodland

Visual Design

Luke’s day to day activities includes collaborating with clients on their project dreams, creating blueprints, working with engineers and local planning districts to determine project constraints and construction methods. Luke has been involved in the construction industry for the past 10 years with a focus on cabinetry sales and design in the past few years. Clients appreciate Luke’s attention to detail, collaborative approach, and ability to bring their vision to life.
When not at the office, Luke enjoys travelling with his wife and 2 daughters, hiking in the mountains, skiing, biking, running, and gardening. Luke’s passion for design and architecture has often led to family strolls through neighborhoods, urban centers and art museums. A few favorite buildings/areas visited include downtown Denver and the Denver Art Museum, as well as Calgary’s Central Library.
Luke has obtained designation as an Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer through the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Nick Snieder

Site Manager

I am an award winning Journeyman Carpenter.  I worked along the shores of Lake Huron for several years building cottages and custom homes.  My wife Kari and I moved to Winkler in 2011 and I have broadened my experience here in both commercial and residential construction.  I enjoy leading Worship in my local church, working on my golf swing.

Sam Berg

Sales/General Manager/Co-Owner

I have been involved in renovations and new home construction informally and formally since 1993.  I have a passion for things exceptionally done, especially home construction! I enjoy spending time with my family, leading Worship in my local church, and driving things that go fast.

Trish Berg


I look after payroll, interior design, and general office management.  I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and youth sponsor at my local church.  When I am not at the office I enjoy spending time with family, camping, biking, and of course….shopping!