Brent & Carla Hamm

Originally, we contacted Sam Berg to get some information on using the Arxx Foundation products to build our basement. Sam came over and helped us decide on finalizing our house plan in which he spent much time and energy to make it perfect to our liking. He took in many considerations such as lot shape, curb appeal, and functionality. Once the final plan was decided on, Sam helped us get very good pricing on the Arxx blocks as well as the concrete and labor. Because of his wonderful capability to deal with local trades’ people and businesses, we decided to hire him as a contractor to build our whole house and not just the basement.

We have both been extremely happy with the timely manner in which our house was built. We were able to move in on the day we had planned to move in unlike many other people we know who have not had things run so smoothly. Our building experience was virtually stress free which is also something most new home owners can not boast of. The challenge of picking out furnishings was given to us in easy steps and time frames which simplified our part in planning our new home. I would strongly recommend Glenberg Homes as a general contractor for planning your new home.

We also feel that we received excellent prices all along with our house. Our insurance company just recently sent us a letter wanting to appraise our house because they think that what we paid to build it was too low. That confirms our feelings of getting good pricing through Glenberg Homes.

Wishing you well in your home building experience.