Darryl Harder

My relationship with Sam goes back roughly 15 years that I have known him personally. I can tell you from a personal perspective he is an honest and upright individual, with strong moral character. From that perspective, I recommend him highly.

My family was in a special predicament in that we had our home for sale, and when we sold it, agreed to a July possession date, and it was now the middle of May, which left us 3 months to complete a new home. We already owned the lot, but had yet to finalize our plans. I called Sam to see if he could help. He not only was able to help, but had a concrete man available the following week! Trouble was that our plans were yet to be finished. Here too he was able to help. He had someone willing to give us a hand in designing a plan which suited us, even though we were rushed to get it done in time for the concrete work to begin. Throughout the building process, Sam went out of his way to ensure we received the home we wanted. He went above and beyond in certain aspects, to ensure we got the quality we expected, from the budget allotted. As with any new home build, there are always overages, it is a given. Even taking this into consideration, the final bill was still within expectations. He was able to complete the home for us the week following the possession of our existing home, just over the three month timeline. This takes into consideration delays due to weather! The sub-contractors used in our home were second to none. They were a delight to work with, neat, and even were willing to work overtime to meet deadlines.

We continue to hold a personal friendship, and I would recommend him without hesitation for your building project, whatever that might be. Sam has the skills, the attitude, and the desire to get it done, and get it done right. If you should have any questions regarding specifics of our home, you are most welcome to call. Should you wish to do so, Sam will provide you with my number.